Zhigulevskie udobreniya
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A group of companies "Zhigulevskie udobreniya" is a developer of innovative technology of liquid municipal, industrial waste and sludge recycling with ability of receiving of MPC-corresponding purified water and organic fertilizers (soil).

"Zhigulevskie udobreniya" company produces new-generation organic fertilizers, which are highly popular among consumers, in accordance to the requirements of GOST R 53117-2008. There is used an innovative equipment and technology without any analogues worldwide. The most important feature of the fertilizers production is maintaining of the full spectrum of micro- and macronutritients, vitamins and amino acids while destroying pathogenic microflora and various larvas.

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More than 50 sales offices
throughout Russia
More than 15 years experience
5 companies are in the group of companies "Zhigulevskie udobreniya"

Unique recycling technology

A combination of technical
and microbiological technologies

The usage of this technology shows its unique efficiency, high productivity, low-density materials, energy consumption, simplicity of operation, capacity of closed eco-friendly systems, small working area, low investment.

The proposed hardware and technological solution is the latest development with no analogues in this area.

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Benefits of technologies
Bargain price
Works without expensive chemicals and
It has a modular
system and needs a low
power consumption
are required
organic fertilizers
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Удобрение органическое

100% органический состав

50 л
330 ₽
Удобрение органическое

100% органический состав

20 л
165 ₽
Удобрение органическое

100% органический состав

5 л
70 ₽
Удобрение органическое

Классическое, Для огурцов, Для томатов

1000 мл
60 ₽
Удобрение органическое

Краткое описание, не больше 2 строк 2

5 л
140 ₽

Filling without cost and container

1000 мл
от 6 000 ₽

Краткое описание, не больше 2 строк

1000 мл
от 3 500 ₽
Recycling system

A unique technology of recycling and neutralization of domestic, storm, industrial, agricultural wastewater and sludge (manure)

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